Performance Training
Success in athletics begins with a strong foundation. Athlete+ will provide athletes the opportunity to build a strong base for enhancement of their overall athletic foundation for current skills as well as promote future development. Participants will receive group instruction, in weekly training sessions, that is efficient, effective and enjoyable in a structured, high-energy environment. Instruction is offered for ages 5 ½ to 13 years with a variety of class types to choose from.

Facility & Equipment
The Athlete+ facility includes 2 different athletic surfaces including an area of turf and hard floor (basketball). The cardio training area including stationary bikes and treadmills along with other tools for building cardio endurance. Weight training equipment is available for the more developed, experienced athletes. Additionally, a variety of tools and equipment will be incorporated in the training from sleds to padded boxes along with weights and several other pieces of training equipment to make sessions enjoyable, different each week and productive.

Football Foundation

Fundamentals for Future Development

The Football Foundation instructional class provides athletes the opportunity to work on the fundamentals of the game including core skills and athletic conditioning specific to the sport, with the objective of building a strong overall foundation to enhance long term success specific to football.  Focus is placed on the skills to enhance the game rather than the game itself; the emphasis of the class is placed on skills development and improvement.

Great for athletes during the off-season to maintain and improve skills in a structured environment or in-season athletes wanting to gain an advantage.  Also a great option for athletes exploring a variety of sports and desiring well-rounded athleticism.

Football Foundation 4 Week Training Session:

Session 1: March 1st through 22nd

3rd/4th grade: Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm $79

5th/6th grade: Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm $79

Session 2: April 12th through May 3rd

3rd/4th grade: Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm $79

5th/6th grade: Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm $79

Session 3: May 10th through May 31st

3rd/4th grade: Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm $79

5th/6th grade: Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm $79

SUMMER Sessions: July

Segment #1: July 10th, 11th & 12th - 4th/5th Grade | $69

Segment #2: July 17th, 18th & 19th - 4th/5th Grade | $69

Football Foundation - Fundamentals for Future Development - 2nd through 5th grade

Classes info coming soon.

Ultimate Athlete

Sports Conditioning 2nd-5th grade

Athlete+ is committed to building well-rounded, multi-dimensional athletes through our sports conditioning program.  Participants already specializing in a specific sport can enhance their game through this program.  Additionally, athletes who may not yet specialize in a sport have the opportunity for physical fitness, self-improvement and challenging themselves both physically and mentally.  
Areas of Focus:

  • Flexibility - key for longevity and injury prevention
  • Balance & Core strength – for generating power from a standing position, creating a strong athletic stance and coordination.
  • Footwork and Plyometrics – to enhance quick twitch, speed and power. 
  • Strength Training - Upper and lower body explosive power necessary for athletics
  • Form and Technique will be emphasized
Ultimate Athlete - Sports Conditioning - 2nd grade through 7th grade

Classes info coming soon.

Private Team Training Sessions

Private Team Training Sessions available for groups of 8-10 athletes. 

Inquire at the office in person/via text (248) 625-3547

Classes info coming soon.