For their ongoing royalty contributions, all of our franchisees receive . . .

Ongoing Expert Access

Our franchisees have direct access to experts in every aspect of a Stars & Stripes franchise. Have a hiring question? We have the answer. Need help with marketing? Give us a call. Something financial slowing you down? Shoot us an email.

Group Vendor Savings

As a Stars & Stripes franchisee, you’ll enjoy the savings provided by our group ordering of supplies and support materials. Like any good franchise, we are constantly negotiating pricing with all vendors. As we grow, the more leverage we have with our vendors and, the better the prices you pay become. This “economies of scale” is an advantage that only gets better over time.

For their ongoing contributions to the Stars & Stripes technology and promotion fund, all of our franchisees receive . . .

Marketing Development and Guidance

As you begin to immerse yourself in your local market, you’ll want to develop new and creative ways to reach out to your community. Our resident marketing resources can help you negotiate booths at a local fair or help you produce a new coupon offer. As you expand, you’ll have complete access to our catalogue of flyers and brochures, coupons and direct mail pieces, newspaper and periodical literature, and much, much more.

Experienced Support Team

Owning a franchise provides you access to an experienced team to help and guide you not only during the initial start-up but throughout the years. Besides the initial training you will have regular coaching calls with our team, access to information, training sessions and new material. As the franchise grows monthly company-wide sessions as well as conferences will be organized.

Grand Opening Rollout
Online & Digital Marketing
Marketing Collateral
Ad Design and Copy
Print, TV and Radio
Newspaper and Periodical Copy
Social Media Guidance
Digital Advertising
Drip Marketing Campaigns

Community Involvement Strategies
Event Participation
Group Presentations
Referral Program
Strategic Partnerships
Associations & Organizations
Ad Specialty Items
Publicity Releases
Sales Scripts and Presentations

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