The Stars & Stripes Gymnastics Academy curriculum is designed to appeal to the tiniest gymnast with progression to the most advanced recreational gymnastics classes. This wide range of class offerings allows for repeat and long term enrollment. At Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center our goal is to provide children's educational programs through physical activity that far exceed the norm.

Our instructors follow specific procedures for safety and training and ensure everyone is having a fun time. Our instructors will…

  • Help gymnasts enhance their physical capabilities and gain self-confidence.
  • Instruct using gymnastics and creative movement as their core and will get down to the child’s level to explore the wonderful world of gymnastics.
  • Incorporate gymnastics and physical fitness using special themed lesson plans each week that are centered around the floor exercise, balance beams, bars, child sized exercise equipment, and our 30 foot long specialized trampoline.
  • Emphasize gymnastics movements, coordination, strength and fun. While focusing on appropriate skill progressions that are developmentally appropriate to meet the needs of the child.
  • Focus on teaching proper drills, skills and conditioning to the gymnasts.
  • Help students reach towards accomplishing goals on the vault, balance beam, floor and bars.
  • Focus on proper form, shapes, and technique for each skill as well as teach new and exciting skills that will keep the gymnasts minds engaging.
  • Work on skills that are specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of our young gymnasts who have demonstrated great body awareness, control & strength.
  • Guide gymnasts as they learn new, more difficult ways to perform the basic core skills. They will also progress to intermediate level skills on all apparatus that will require added focus, increased strength and flexibility.
  • Help the gymnasts focus on maintaining the basic and fundamental gymnastics skills with a large focus on form and technique.
  • Work with students and will have the opportunity to help them perfect and maintain their intermediate level skills while progressing to advanced gymnastics skills on all four events.
  • Work with gymnasts as they follow proper progressions to safely achieve advanced level skills at their own pace. Proper skill execution is strongly emphasized.

Click on links to see classes in action:

A Day in the Life of a Playful Penguin

A Day in the Life of a Bitty Bug

A Day in the Life of a Little Roo

A Day in the Life of a Bouncing Bunny 1

A Day in the Life of a Bouncing Bunny 2

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