The Stars & Stripes Camp Kids curriculum is designed to appeal to a wide array of campers. Our curriculum is filled with themed camps that create the opportunity for repeat summer enrollment. This wide range of summer camp offerings allows for a steady revenue stream during the summer months. Our summer camps create a fun filled time where kids spend time doing various activities, meeting new friends and learning valuable lessons on teamwork, creativity and so much more. At Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center our goal is to provide children's educational programs through physical activity that far exceed the norm.

Our Camp Instructors work tirelessly to ensure that each child will have a wonderful time and walk away with great memories. Each Camp Leader is trained and prepared to:

  • Lead campers in various activities.
  • Foster imagination and creativity by providing plenty of group play time.
  • Lead campers to explore different stations so they will leave with memories of laughter and fun.
  • The instructor will interact with the campers as they are presented with new challenges and courses each day, and campers will have the opportunity to show off all their new skills.
  • Help the campers as they use their creative imagination.
  • Ensure the camper’s focuses on social development, as well as cognitive and gross motor skills development.
  • Participate in high-energy camps, as well as learn about showmanship and teamwork.
  • Facilitate the special games and crafts.
  • Follow a detailed lesson plan that will incorporate a summer full of fun, hands-on activities and games.
  • Ensure that the campers enjoy a week of quirky fun.
  • Engage the camper's excitement during our summer Camp Kids programming.
  • Promote activities that keep the campers moving and active.
  • Follow a jammed packed itinerary that is sure to tucker out the most enthusiastic child.
  • Jump in and help the campers navigate their way around the grounds, and perform physical tasks in order to advance onto new challenges.
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